Working with ClubSpirit, the Designer Cocohellein chose to reinvent the colors and play with textures.
The collection is introducing four trends :
- Nuit Indigo (indigo night) : delicate gradient blue as dusk.
- Nuit Fauve (fauve night):vulcan and light browns as a sun in its full zenith.
- Solstice d’hiver (winter solstice): silver gray and iridescent wolf look-alike skin, lustrous gray and rosé otter look-alike skins.

More contemporary, the chairs are adorned with geometric and nature inspired patterns on smooth or textured leather.
Hand colored, tattooed, embossed, leather vibrate to touch and tell a new style combining technologies, history, craftsmanship and natural materials.
Each model is hand colored resulting to a unique array of color original to its own. Hides become pigmented at the mercy of time.
The collection « Variations couleurs » is the meeting of an editor and its craftsmen with a designer always seeking for exploration and renewal.

Contact prescripteurs : Isabelle Husson - Marchand Mercier - 03 29 06 32 51